A Very Exciting Announcement from SolarBuddy

It’s been a year and a half since SolarBuddy first went into Australian schools to teach students about the pressing ecological and social problems surrounding energy poverty. In that time, our team has grown from just two to over ten, including our wonderful school liaison officer Billie Murphy. Billie has been busy working on something very special-namely, our new and improved education guides and materials.

We’re talking specially designed programs for each school grade that correspond seamlessly with the official Australian Curriculum. The lesson plans meet key learning objectives in the subjects of Science, Geography, Citizenship and English and are simple, clear and easy for teachers and students alike to follow.

Through these new interactive learning activities, kids can explore the issues for themselves, with inquiry based tasks, and have their own say in classroom debate and discussion. Our aim is to demonstrate to kids that they can make a tangible difference to the lives of others by turning good intentions into real world actions and going much further than simply donating money or pre-made lights.

We’re also bringing all of these resources online, in line with the wants and needs of this new generation of students. They will all be available through our website, so stay tuned!