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Meet the team that makes it happen

Simon Doble

CEO & Founder

Simon is an inventor and social impact entrepreneur who specialises in creating innovative solar solutions for people living in energy poverty. A humanitarian at heart he is determined to create socially aware businesses that will have a lasting positive impact on both people and planet.

Jemma Arundel

Public Campaigns Manager

Jemma is a driven and experienced fundraising and business leader. Having worked with over 20 non-profit organisations and founded her own fundraising agency, she is passionate about helping organisations grow their income to enable the positive change they are making in the world. She thrives on bringing people together, building teams and empowering them to achieve significant social impact.

Greg Maloney


Greg has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry managing operations in Europe, Asia and Australia. Accompanying Greg’s wealth of experience is a desire to work with an organization that values purpose over profit.

Billie Murphy

Education Programs Manager

Billie is a qualified primary school teacher from the UK. She is passionate about working with our school partners to deliver an exceptional program that enhances student wellbeing and understanding of global citizenship. Billie is an experienced keynote speaker and has presented at corporate events all over the world.

Wendy Stewart

Finance Manager

Wendy has professional qualifications in Business Administration, Finance and Marketing. She is passionate about supporting innovative organisations that bring about positive changes for communities on both environmental and humanitarian levels.

Magdalene St Clare

Event and Pillar Partnerships Manager

Magdalene is a highly experienced and commercially astute leader of events, conferences and stakeholder relationship management. She has over 16 years of experience working with not-for-profit associations, government departments and companies. As a working mother of twins, Magdalene is passionate about collaborating with organisations who have a strong desire to improve the lives of children and their families in energy poverty to enable them a better quality of life for generations.

Johnathan Lamb

Creative Design Manager

Johnathan Lamb is a recent Industrial Design graduate, with a special flair for storytelling through creative design. He is passionate about using his skillset to create solutions that will have a real-life positive impact on people.

Olivia King

Program Support Officer & EA

Liv comes from a background in Chemistry, Geography and Environmental Sustainability, and has always been passionate about making a positive impact on the world. She is transferring her skills from running a department in an Environmental Testing Laboratory to the SolarBuddy team.

Hayley Clutterbuck

Logistics Officer

Hayley has a background in operations and stock processes in the fashion industry. Her travel experiences have made her passionate about working with people to reduce their impact on the world. Hayley recently graduated with a double degree in Business and Creative Industries.

Mandy Jamieson

Quality Control Officer

Mandy has been a valuable asset to the SolarBuddy Operations team. She has been working closely with the team to make sure that the lights that get distributed are quality-checked and organised in the best possible way. She decided to work with us after being inspired by the SolarBuddy journey and has been a valued teammate ever since.

Tara Williams

Festival Partnerships Officer

Tara is a Journalism & Human Services student set to graduate in 2020. As a life long music lover and decade long gig and festival attendee, Tara understands the integral part music plays in people’s lives, and the ways in which music culture can shape attitudes, thoughts, beliefs an actions.

Claudia Lamb

Visual Marketing Officer

Claudia has a background in film and digital marketing, recently graduating with a bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production. She has worked across short films, commercials, live television and content creation for numerous ecommerce businesses. Claudia is passionate about using storytelling to make a positive impact in the world.

Lois Sutcliffe

Creative Assistant

Lois has a background in the creative industries, working across a range of visual and social media projects whilst assisting with research across several areas of the business. With a passion for international relations and humanitarian efforts, she hopes to be able to empower others with knowledge through social media and design.

Russell Gauld

International Program Coordinator

Russell is a social entrepreneur, passionate about bringing sustainable practices to the rural areas of Vanuatu. He is our resident expert in Vanuatu, working with local communities for over 2 years.

Bec Watts

Program Coordinator - Vanuatu

Bec’s passion is working with children, assisting them to grow, flourish and achieve their personal goals. With a background in the Arts, Psychology and Health Sciences, Bec has over 10 years experience of working in the childhood industry. She loves to combine her interest in travel and the creative arts to develop engaging activities for children where they can learn and thrive in a positive environment.

Kelsey Roache

Operations Support Officer

As an undergraduate commerce and arts student Kelsey has gained an intrinsic view and understanding of the fundamental operations of a non-for-profit company. She finds happiness in knowing her time is dedicated to ensuring quality lights are sent to the children.

Jason Wang

Manufacturing Partner (China)

Jason Wang has specialized in solar products for the last 13 years and is passionate about their production. He is a proud partner of SolarBuddy, helping to provide light for those in need.

Lily Win

Dispatch Assistant (China)

Lily is our Chinese based dispatch person primarily working on the WWF account. She is passionate about solar energy and helping those living in energy poverty.

Skye Butcher

Junior Ambassador - Queensland

Skye is a highly motivated Grade 8 student who has raised thousands of dollars in support of SolarBuddy's programs and has assisted with the delivery of our education program within a number of schools. She is passionate about ending the cycle of energy poverty and creating a better world.

Alysha Hall

Junior Ambassador - Victoria

Alysha is an enthusiastic Year 11 student who has been working with the Student Council at her college promoting SolarBuddy and running sessions with younger students to educate them about energy poverty. She hopes to reach out to other schools and Aged Care facilities in the community to spread even more awareness and continue making a difference.

Ruby Humphreys

Junior Ambassador - Queensland

Ruby is a grade 9 student living in Brisbane. She is very grateful for her education and passionate about helping young people like herself. She joined SolarBuddy to raise awareness about the issue of energy poverty and to have a platform where she can help more children have access to lights to improve their education outcomes.

Mike Musskopf

Electrical Engineer

Mike is an engineer with 20 years of experience with mixed backgrounds in information technology and electronics. He's passionate about real-life problem solving using technology, data and automation. Mike will be assisting us in building and designing our SolarBuddies.

Shaun Martyn

Director of Operations (India)

Shaun is the founder of FairBreak. He is a Director of SolarBuddy in India and completely invested in promoting health, education, opportunity and equality. SolarBuddy is the sole CSR initiative associated with FairBreak and a project the global FairBreak team is passionate about.

Vidya Rao

Marketing and Distributions (India)

Leveraging a rich corporate experience of over 25 years and a degree in Economics, Vidya has successfully led several projects in brand building, marketing, event management, advisory and client relationships. Vidya is currently serving as the head of India operations for FairBreak. She is also a member on the advisory board of the Sports Academy Association of India. Vidya will provide strategic advice to the SolarBuddy India team and assist in the building of both the marketing and distribution network throughout India.

Naresh Patel

Director of Operations (India)

Naresh is a Director of SolarBuddy in India. He has a Bachelor of Engineering ( Chemical ) and a Masters of Business Administration. Naresh has worked on some of the largest energy projects in Australia. He has been interested in the renewable energy industry and has worked as the National Sales Manager for one of the leading solar companies in Australia. He has recently decided to return to his home country and further involve himself in the Indian community.