Our Partners

To all our wonderful partners we say thank you. Our dream to illuminate the futures of children living in energy poverty has been made possible because of your generous support.

Corporate Partners

“The positive results of educating our people and our customers have enabled us to make headway on our sustainability journey. By way of example, our partnership with SolarBuddy has facilitated the donation of 17,000+ SolarBuddy lights to children living in energy poverty around the world.”
— Graham Turner, CEO, FCTG

Event Partners

“We are a really pleased to have formed this alliance with SolarBuddy and to have become one of their corporate partners. There is a real meeting of the minds between out organisations with respect to the simplicity and utility of solar power.”
— John Martin, CEO, New Energy Solar

Education Partners

“What our students have learned is how, as a school community, what a huge difference we can make in the world. Our college can have a huge impact.”
— Clare Tuohy, Head of Citizenship and Service, Beaconhills College

Field Partners

“Energy poverty is a challenge faced by every student in the schools we support, where there is no access to electricity. SolarBuddy has given our students not only the gift of light, but the opportunity to read and do homework after they have completed their daily chores of water collection and food preparation. As a result of having access to light we have seen measurable increases in our students' academic performance. Thank you SolarBuddy for lighting up the Babati district of Tanzania.”
— Terri Anderson, Country Director Tanzania, So They Can