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The Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks FC

Supporting Papua New Guinea


The Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks FC joined SolarBuddy and KTF for the inaugural Village Connect trek in 2017, which saw players, staff and supporters instal solar lighting and power systems on every household in remote Manari Village, Papua New Guinea.

For some players this was the first time they’d encountered energy poverty directly and the experience was life changing. Inspired by their trek in early 2018 the entire team participated in SolarBuddy Workplace Giving Corporate Program.

They assembled SolarBuddy solar lights and wrote personal letters to children in PNG who are living without access to modern electricity. Our field partner, Kokoda Track Foundation, will distribute these lights in country later this year. Due to the success of the inaugural trip the Sharks are now planning another Kokoda Track trek, which will see more SolarBuddy lights being delivered to children and communities living in energy poverty.

The Sharks have a special link to PNG and host the annual Kokoda Game that honours the great sacrifices made by the Australian Diggers and Papua Carriers during the Kokoda Campaign in WWII. SolarBuddy is proud to support the Sharks connection with PNG! 

The most rewarding part of the trip was when we stopped in the small village of Manari. It was a small village in the middle of Kokoda and the first thing I probably noticed was how little all those local people had compared to Australia, they didn’t even have any source of light. Across our two days there we installed some SolarBuddy light Panels in their homes.
— Jayden Brailey, Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks