Please register your School or Organisation via the contact form and we will send you the starter pack. The starter pack will outline how the program works and the benefits to all the children involved.

Discuss with your fellow teachers and/or students and to work out how best to run the program through your School or Organisation.

Fill out the registration form and send back to us at enquiries@solarbuddy.org. If you let us know what grade your students are in we will send you our age specific education packs which will assist you in your lesson planning. 

Once you know how many SolarBuddy lights you require and have completed your fundraising please fill out the order form and send it to us at enquiries@solarbuddy.org we will then send you an invoice for the lights which can be paid either by EFT or credit card.

We will then send you the SolarBuddy lights by our courier to your school.

Once your students have assembled the lights, have learnt all about Energy Poverty, Solar Technology and being a Good Global Citizen the lights can be repacked ready to be collected by our couriers (please remember to put the screwdrivers back in the box as we are always short of those).

Let us know when the lights can be picked up and from where in the school at enquiries@solarbuddy.org

We will then ship your lights to their target destination and then send you images of your lights being distributed to schoolchildren overseas.

Repeat next term or next year.

Any grade can take part in the SolarBuddy program. The education guides have been completed from grade 1 to grade 12.

Children learn many valuable lessons when participating in the program including;

  • Education on energy poverty with children and its effect on education,the environment, health and the economy (all provided in the education packs)
  • Geography
  • Solar energy
  • General renewable energy education
  • Solving a problem
  • Good global citizenship
  • Electronics and design
  • Spending some time with the lights out and reading just from a buddy light they have assembled helps them understand what it is like for other children
  • Humanitarianism and how organisations work in remote places


Yes, we are hopeful that all the Schools and Organisations that participate will run the program again annually.

It can take anything from 1 hour to 1 week or longer. It is really up to the school, class or teacher how long they wish to teach on the subject. We recommend at least one day as there is so much you can learn from the SolarBuddy education program

This depends on each child and the work environment. Some children can put the lights together in a few minutes, other are happy to take their time over an hour or so.

You can pay the invoice for the SolarBuddy lights by EFT, Cheque or Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa only) however payment by Credit Card will incur a 1% surcharge to cover bank costs.

Absolutely. Please contact us for more information on fundraising ideas and to discuss how we can assist you.

Please contact us for some great ideas to help you achieve your fundraising targets.

As soon as the invoice for the lights is paid they will be dispatched from our SolarBuddy distribution centre in Queensland. Depending on your location the SolarBuddy lights can be with you within 2-5 business days.

We do not have any set minimum number of SolarBuddy lights however orders under 25 lights may incur a small freight surcharge particularly if we are sending them to schools in remote areas of Australia.

The cost of the SolarBuddy light includes the cost of the light, freight to and from your school or organisation, freight, customs charges and government duties to our target destination, distribution of the lights in country and access to our age specific education program that has been created by experienced teachers to help your class learn about very important issues.
As we are sure you will appreciate freight and custom charges can be very expensive when sending SolarBuddy lights to remote destinations in Africa. 

Yes of course. Please contact us for more details.

Our target is any country where children live in Energy Poverty however distribution of the SolarBuddy lights in a particular country does require us to have an approved distribution partner in that location. We are constantly looking for new distribution partners to expand our range.

To date SolarBuddy lights have been distributed in Uganda, Ghana, The Gambia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Tibet, India and PNG.

Whilst we try to accomodate all requests it is not always possible to send lights to a specific country or location. 

This can vary depending on location but sending lights into Africa can take up to 8 weeks from the time we receive them back into our depot. Although the lights are sent via air-freight the delivery to the destination country takes around a week, the lights then need to clear customs which can take up to 4 weeks and then they are delivered to our distribution partner (who are all volunteers) and depending on their schedule it may take a further 3 weeks before they reach their final destination.

Rest assured you will be sent images of your lights being distributed.

We have a network of trusted, respected and approved distribution partners that love nothing more than giving SolarBuddy lights to very grateful children to help them live a happier, safer life.

Yes of course. In some ways that is best part of the program! We send each school that has taken part in the SolarBuddy program images of the children receiving the lights. These will also be displayed on the Projects tab of this website.

Yes of course – all we ask is that you send us images of the lights being distributed.

Please contact us at enquires@solarbuddy.org to discuss.

We are currently developing more programs for older students that will allow them to become more involved.

Each set of 50 SolarBuddy lights are shipped in a reusable plastic bucket. This means that target communities receive a very useful bucket as well as the SolarBuddy lights.

The SolarBuddy light is used by a number of NGOs around the world including the UN and Australian Aid who use the lights as their emergency response/disaster relief solar light.

The light has been specifically designed to meet the needs of humanitarian aid agencies.

Absolutely, we operate in every state and territory in Australia. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Absolutely! We would love to help you take part in the SolarBuddy program. Please contact us to discuss further.

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