Children may make up only 20% of our population ... but they are 100% of our future.

SolarBuddy connects Australian school communities who want to make a difference with other children and communities in areas throughout the world that live in energy poverty.

Purchasing and building a SolarBuddy light at school teaches Australian school children about the positive impact of renewable energy on communities living in energy poverty. Sending that light to another country, along with a personal letter, can make a dramatic and positive difference to the life of a child in need.  

Our aim is to involve every Australian school in the Buddy2Buddy program on an ongoing basis. Continuing to give the gift of light to others will help end energy poverty, one community at a time. 

Schools across Australia have already sent SolarBuddy lights to communities in India, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Tibet, Thailand, Myanmar, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, greatly improving the lives of thousands of children. 

For schools that have already registered with SolarBuddy please visit our teacher resource page (you will need to use your password to access the page)

This is how your school can get involved

  • 1

    Sign Up for SolarBuddy Starter Pack

    The pack provides information for teachers and parents regarding purchasing, building and sending lights to a community in need. To sign up simply complete the contact form below and one of our team will be in contact with you

  • 2

    Fundraise and purchase the lights

    Whether it is funded by the P&C, the School Council, or a dedicated fundraising event, every light purchased makes a positive difference to another child and their family. Each SolarBuddy light costs from as little as A$25 each.

  • 3

    Assemble and learn!

    This can take place in various ways, and you can let your imagination run free! Have a special class, make it part of your curriculum activities (Science, Geography, Religious and Values Education or Social Studies), or have a day learning about energy poverty.

    The SolarBuddy light is easy to build for students from age 6 upwards.

  • 4

    Light up a life

    SolarBuddy will arrange to collect the lights from your school and send them to a community overseas. Depending on the final destination for the lights we will, within 6-8 weeks, let you know they have arrived at their destination.

  • 5

    See the impact!

    Our distribution partners will take lots of pictures of the lights when they have arrived so you will get to see the impact that they have had and see the amazing difference you’ve made!!

Contact us to see how you can get involved

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