Shine a light on energy poverty with Hike For Light!

The ultimate executive team retreat - Hike For Light takes your team into the heart of Vanuatu for a team building experience that will leave a long lasting legacy.

Unique to the Australian market, cievents have partnered with SolarBuddy and OnTrack Expeditions to deliver a three-day corporate retreat where your team will have the chance to make a positive difference for communities in Vanuatu living in energy poverty.

This engaging, hands-on experience will provide teams with the opportunity to learn about energy poverty, raise funds for solar lights and then distribute them to children to better their education and create a brighter future.

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A recent article on Forbes brilliantly quoted 15 CEO’s on how operating with a higher purpose is good for business. Companies with purpose better motivate employees, satisfy customers and also have higher business success.

“People want to do well and do good. They want to understand how they’re making a difference in the world. Things change all the time, but your organisations purpose transcends any individual product or service.” Mark Weinberger, EY

The Hike4Light experience will have a long-lasting impact that will stay with you long after returning home. Click HERE to see how the cievents’ executive team experienced this life changing program and contributed to the lives of 500 children!

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As part of the experience you’ll hike through stunning jungle landscape while learning about the rich cultures of Vanuatu. Visit a beach and learn about sustainability and the global environment effects on Vanuatu. And spend a night camping to experience the cultures and hospitality of a real local village.

Lead by experts at On Track Expeditions who have been a leader in remote and adventure trekking since 2010 and have lead life-changing expeditions all around the world.

Hike For Light

Learn more about Hike4Light and how you too can hike along beautiful jungle trails on the lush island of Vanuatu. Through partnering with SolarBuddy there’s also the opportunity to fundraise and contribute to the mission of giving 45,000 solar lights to communities across Vanuatu.

Placing solar lights directly into the hands of children impacted by energy poverty and seeing firsthand the difference you can make is a life transforming experience.

To enquiry about how you can Hike4Light and participant in the ultimate executive team retreat in Vanuatu click HERE.