Origin Energy Foundation organised for corporate volunteers to quality check over 800 lights that will be sent to bushfire evacuees in parts of NSW and Victoria.

More than 5,000 homes are said to be cut-off from power or are at the verge of being cut-off. These power outtages make it difficult for community members to work after dusk or walk safely around their communities.

The founder of FairBreak Global , Shaun Martyn has organised for the distribution of lights across suburbs in NSW and Victoria. 800 of these lights were donated and quality-checked by Origin Energy Volunteers.

The event was led by Hayley Clutterbuck, the logistics and administrations officer at Solarbuddy. Hayley confidently led the volunteers through the QC process, managing to help volunteers quality-check over 800 lights.

The QC process usually takes weeks to get done, but with the help of our corporate volunteers, we managed to get this process done in two hours!

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