Papua New Guinea is one of the most beautiful and unexplored places on the planet. Its coral coastlines are rich with aquatic life and its misty highlands form a wondrous barrier that until recently cut off much of the population from the outside world and each other.

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Only 6.3% of the rural population has access to grid electricity or generated electricity. While education may be the best way forward, the opportunity to study and learn is limited to daylight hours. The price of burning fuel for lighting and cooking is expensive, while those who can afford to burn fuel for light are at risk for serious respiratory diseases.

Thank you to our NGO partner - KTF

KTF, Origin energy foundation, rotary international and solarbuddy

It’s a long and bumpy road to distribute SolarBuddies in PNG, and it’s only made possible with the support of our field partner KTF (Kokoda Track Foundation).

KTF is an Australian aid organisation operating in PNG. KTF works with people and communities to improve the lives and futures of Papua New Guineans. They do this by assisting remote and rural communities with access to elementary and primary education while improving access to quality and accessible healthcare. Their inspiration is to keep the story of Kokoda alive.

Our lights were distributed to - Motu Koibatu

KTF, Origin energy foundation, rotary international and solarbuddy

Despite its proximity to the nation’s capital, many households in the Motu Koitabu area do not have access to the electricity grid due to the high cost of connection. Motu Koibatu is known to be the traditional home to the landowners of Port Moresby.

Through rough terrain, the KTF team traveled by land from Port Moresby to Motu Koibatu to reach three schools – Hagara Primary School, Baruni Primary School, and Baruni-LifeCare Mobile School to distribute much-needed SolarBuddy lights.

Hagara Primary School caters to students from elementary prep all the way to grade 8. Each class has about 30 students that study in 24 classrooms. Some students study in the library or in joined classes since there isn’t much space. A staff of 32 teachers teach students from elementary to grade 8.

My daughter is in grade 8 and was given the solar light. The little light helps her to read at night unlike our household panels you cannot read your book closer.

She is be able to hold the light in the palm of her hands and walk in the night back and forth in the village. The light is very helpful for her.

- Mr. Henao Koregai (Head Teacher)
Hagara Primary School

KTF, Origin energy foundation, rotary international and solarbuddy

We distributed over 2,250 lights with the help of our partners - Origin Foundation and Rotary International.

This distribution would not be possible without their generosity and kindness!

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