SolarBuddy, with the help of Origin Foundation and Technology One has donated lights to evacuees in evacuation centres in Narooma, NSW.

SolarBuddy Bushfire Appeal

Shaun Martyn, who is the founder FairBreak, one of our valued partners called onto SolarBuddy to donate much-needed solar lights to evacuees in NSW. Most of the people living in Narooma have fled to safety while some have remained to defend their communities.

Shaun Martyn Fairbreak

More than $13,000 worth of lights were assembled by lovely volunteers who donated their time to help those being affected by the bushfires.

SolarBuddy is requiring further assistance during this very difficult time for Australia. According to the Financial Review, more than 5,000 homes in Victoria are considered to be cut off from basic access to electricity. Many bushfire victims in NSW are going through a very similar situation. SolarBuddy will continue to donate lights to our friends in NSW and Victoria, but we require further assistance from you. Click the link to donate towards our Bushfire appeal.