On the 17th January 2020, our CEO, Simon Doble, along with our Director of Fundraising attended the conference at Singapore to confirm partnership with Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Singapore and World Wide Fund (WWF) Singapore.

The event saw 100 attendees who assembled 5 lights each. The attendees assembled a total of 500 lights.

The lights assembled at the event will go to communities living in energy poverty in Cambodia.

"I’m very proud for SolarBuddy to partner with such prestigious organisations in Singapore. Both Marina Bay Sands Singapore and WWF Singapore have tremendous sustainability and environmental programs of which we are very grateful to be involved with. We look forward to illuminating many childrens’ lives whilst simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions via our solar light donation programs."- says Simon Doble, CEO of SolarBuddy.

Marina Bay Sands and SolarBuddy

"It's fantastic how engaged and enthusiastic the team at Marina Bay Sands are. We are incredibly grateful to the 100 staff members who volunteered their time to assemble 500 lights to be sent to children living in energy poverty. With a long and successful track record in CSR initiatives, we look forward to building our partnership and illuminating the futures of children together"- says Jemma Arundel, Director of Fundraising at SolarBuddy

SolarBuddy is grateful to be part of this initiative and we're excited to see the impact of the lights that will be distributed to communities in Cambodia.