SolarBuddy Partners

We are thankful to all of our amazing partners who have helped us to start to realise our dream of empowering and educating the next generation towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future whilst giving the gift of light to children living in energy poverty! 


Major Partners

We are really pleased to have formed this alliance with SolarBuddy and to have become one of their corporate partners. There is a real meeting of the minds between our organisations with respect to the simplicity and utility of solar power.
— John Martin, CEO of New Energy Solar




Donating Partners


Academic Partners


Field Partners

Over the past 18 months SolarBuddy has provided over 10,000 solar lights to KTF to distribute to children living in energy poverty across Papua New Guinea. And what an extraordinary contribution these lights have made! We are very grateful for the wonderful partnership that we hold with SolarBuddy.
— Dr Genevieve Nelson, Chief Executive Officer - Kokoda Track Foundation


School Partners

What an innovative organisation is yours and we would be delighted for you to be a part of the Geography Teachers Exhibition. We want as many teachers to hear about your program and to see how many cross curricula links it provides!
— Libby Hillman, Geography Teachers Association of Victoria

Some of the amazing partners out of the 400+ schools we've worked with



International School Partners

Being a Headteacher is the best job in the world made even more wonderful when you can involve your students in initiatives such as these where they learn about how to be a global citizen and help others less fortunate than themselves.
— Caroline Ratcliffe, Head teacher at St. Andrews International School – Dusit Campus, Bangkok


SolarBuddy & WWF solar light challenge partners