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FestivalBuddy is utilising the inherent power festivals harness to shape attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and actions to create a cleaner, greener and more equitable planet for everyone. We are uniting our powerful global community over the goal of restoring the environment and improving the lives of the next generation, by placing the power to make a difference in your hands.

FestivalBuddy raises awareness, educates and inspires festival goers to take positive action against the impact events can have on the environment by tackling campsite waste whilst improving the lives of millions of children living in energy poverty.

We do this providing festival campers with a Festival Buddy light to use throughout their event, to return and donate at the end.

Audience Engagement

Create a unique atmosphere, enhancing audience engagement and human connection through a shared lived experience.

CO2 Reduction

Your festival attendees can offset a portion of their carbon footprint through the use and donation of their FestivalBuddy light!

Waste Reduction

Using a FestivalBuddy light instead of a disposable torch can actively reduce campsite waste. Social proof in seeing others doing the right thing is proven to have a carry on behavioural effect.

Social Impact

Illuminate the futures of millions of children devastated by energy poverty and help them break the cycle of poverty they are born into through education, thanks to the gift of light.

Artists' Choice

Be Recognised as the artists' festival of choice by aligning your festival with the same social and environmental values more and more artists are placing at the heart of what they do.

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"Bluesfest are very proud to have Solar Buddy as an official festival partner. Although the 2020 festival did not take place, we are so excited about continuing our partnership into the future and look forward to expanding our collaboration into 2021 and beyond!" ― Leo Gortz, Commercial Manager, Byron Bay Bluesfest