Symantec - Sydney

Staff from Symantec in Sydney assembling SolarBuddy lights for distribution into PNG. Since this trial program Symantec have signed up to the program on a global basis and the following offices around the world will shortly be completing SolarBuddy lights for distribution to children and their families living in energy poverty. Dubai Saudi Arabia Singapore United Kingdom Ireland South Africa

Additional comments from Staff attending the event:

It is my honour and pleasure able to join the Solar uddy event. It reminds everyone we are all responsible to make the world a better place, especially for our next generation. – Jorren Yang

Attending the solar buddy event was a great experience. Education on energy poverty was informative and assembling the lights was fun. I loved seeing our colleagues happily engaged during the light building activity.  I highly recommend the program to Schools, churches and social gatherings as a fun and meaningful event  – Gina Kim 

Very humbled and happy to be able to take part in a very meaningful project. Through this activity, I was able to contribute to a community via a little light giving device that provide the everyday necessity which we neglected in a developed nation.- Cindy Liew

The program that SolarBuddy drives is perfectly aligned to Symantec’s core CR values from so many angles: it has a huge environmental impact, it leverages technology to improve the lives of thousands of families, and it makes it possible to educate children and adults around energy poverty in marginalised communities across the World.

- Jimena De Uria - Marketing Manager, APJ Channel