SolarBuddy Conference/Event Program - 50 Lights

SolarBuddy Conference/Event Program - 50 Lights


Whats included in your Program

  • 50 Unassembled SolarBuddy lights

  • Printable resources -

    • Printed assembly instructions

    • Posters

    • Instruction manual on how to run your program

  • Assembly video

  • Welcome/ Thank you video from Simon Doble (CEO)

  • Organiser support with planning SolarBuddy event days.
    A SolarBuddy representative can come and run programs with the participants (Dependant on location and availability).

Please choose the quantity of SolarBuddy lights you require. Please note there is a minimum order of 50 lights and lights are ONLY sold in packs of 50. We recommend 1 light per participant.

For example:

For 1500 Participants you would order 30 packs of 50 lights


The quantity below would be 30

***Please ensure your order is placed no less than 6 weeks before your program will run.***

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