Tainabuna Village PNG and Amberley District State School

Almost 1 year ago ABC News filmed the students at Amberley District State School assembling some SolarBuddy lights which were then sent to PNG for distribution by our partners and friends at the Kokoda Track Foundation.

KTF choose to distribute the lights to school children in Tainabuna Village which is located in the Northern Province of PNG. Tainabuna, like most of PNG, has no access to electricity and the children studied using toxic and dangerous kerosene lanterns or by firelight.

The villagers have been so impressed with the SolarBuddy lights which have improved the health and education of the children and their families that they handmade some wonderful gifts for the children of Amberley District State School and yesterday Simon Doble, CEO of SolarBuddy and Dr. Gen Nelson CEO of KTF handed out these gifts to the students who originally assembled the lights.

More than 80% of the population of PNG have no access to electricity and SolarBuddy will be sending as many lights to PNG as possible to help other disadvantaged children learn and grow.

Please help us by getting your school, church organisation, business or community organisation involved in the SolarBuddy program today.